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This is the bible of a God. If you're not religous then get out of here

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Patty is a god and you should cower at his knees. He beat Logan Paul at a dabbing contest and killed him but didn't vlog it because he has respect for the dead since he's dead inside. Hes a superpowered poketuber. Hes quicksilvers final form. He spouts random anime phrases since he's a freaking weeb. He also only dates e-girls hit him up on Roblox @pattytrills. I pray to him and he raps at me back to let me that he loves all his children. He likes long walks on the beach. However if you want to join his army you have to lose brain cells and get some clout goggles. He only gets married to people that accept alakazam into their hearts. Im a 9 year old so you should join us #PattyTrills #Benis Bridage #keepingitreal For you ladies reading this im single and i dabble in the art of photoshop and wiki making if you want some good clothes so you wont be a basic loser that only gets supreme when i prefer 🅱️upreme. Anyways xoxo stay cool my siblings

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